Showing Up as a Leader

Ep.7 Halé Behzadi, Managing Director and Global Market Manager | Western Region at Citi Private Bank

April 06, 2021 WINGS For Growth Season 1 Episode 7
Showing Up as a Leader
Ep.7 Halé Behzadi, Managing Director and Global Market Manager | Western Region at Citi Private Bank
Show Notes

WINGS for Growth presents "Showing Up as a Leader" with Halé Behzadi. Being a passionate banker and an amazing business leader, Halé says authenticity is core to her leadership.    

Halé discusses how to study the landscape before making any decisions about your job situation. Halé talks about how she was able to grow her business during crises. She says staying close to your team, reminding them that their wellbeing is a priority and giving them tools to be productive is how you sustain during a crisis. She says if they are not productive at home, they will not be productive at work.

In the spirit of being candid, we asked Halé if she was often misunderstood to be soft spoken or too nice. She says when you have a body of work and that consistently points to great outcomes, it helps debunk that myth of being too nice or soft spoken. She says someone once told her that she has an iron fist in a velvet glove.


  1. Careers are not linear, they have turns and twists which are part of your success story.  
  2. Building consensus and bringing people along by persuasion is far more powerful than by force.
  3. Authenticity is an alignment of thought, words and actions. 
  4. If you keep showing up as a leader the same way every time, that's your brand.

Guest Bio:

Halé Behzadi is a Managing Director and Global Market Manager of the Western Region at Citi Private Bank and is a member of the North America Private Bank Leadership Team. She is directly responsible for leading the ultra-high net worth private banking practices in seven offices in California, Arizona, and Washington. Halé Co-Chairs Citi’s California Leadership Council and is the Executive Sponsor of Citi’s North America Diversity Committee. Most recently, Halé chaired the Mentoring Committee at Citi Private Bank and served as the Business Sponsor of Citi’s Pride Network for Southern California and the Women’s Network for Northern California.

Halé is a graduate of Georgetown University with a BA in Economics where she is an active member of the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security. Throughout her career she has played an active role in numerous civic and charitable organizations that provide social services, education, and healthcare in the local community.

Currently, Halé serves on the Board of Trustees for Viewpoint School as a member of the Executive Committee, in addition to chairing the Advancement Committee. She has previously held a number of leadership roles including Vice Chair and Chair of Committee on Trustees where she was focused on recruiting more diverse board members, especially women. Halé sits on the advisory board of the Iranian American Women Foundation. She is also a member of the Executive Committee and Board of Governors of the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation. Halé was recently recognized as a Deborah Award recipient by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for her leadership and civic contributions exemplifying the qualities and ideals of ADL.

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